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Création d'automates

automata - creation on demand

since 1975

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Several examples of automats musicians cuts human.

Above, a simulation a large whimsical organ carried out starting from authentic elements of old horse-gear.

Opposite, an accordionist with an old animated accordion also.

It should be noted that only instruments are used not being able to be the subject of a restoration.

Below, a player of barrel organ.

The principal movements of these automats are those of the head and the arms or hands on their musical instruments.

The music results from a sound source recorded and restored via suitable technologies.

Opposite, adaptation of an automat to an authentic Raffin organ.

In this case of figure, the sound is really that of the organ. For the stop at the end of the piece or roller, the unit is controlled electronically.

Below, three examples of children musicians: movements of the arms and the head.

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The trades - and particularly trades old - are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The possibility of using real tools and of translating the most significant gestures of these various trades makes it possible - beyond its ludic mission - to invest the automat of a teaching dimension of witness of gestures and know-how become rare when they did not disappear.

Opposite, the apothecary finds, like the majority of the automats, a all the more realistic dimension as it is placed within a decoration which gives him its raison d'être.

Below, the ropemaking machine and its authentic old wheel - wheel modified for an intensive rotation.

Low, the woman with the sewing machine start, just like the ropemaking machine, the whole of the mechanisms of its trade.  

The water carrier

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If the small automats quantitatively are not represented best on this page, they of course remain the most adapted to a private use and more especially as their task is not then any more associated a commercial purpose.

In anyway, it is not a general information; the proof is the character below - striker of pane with its cane - since it is an adaptation of an automat formerly placed out of window and whose hand came to strike the pane in order to draw the attention of the passers by.



To fakir, topic of show par excellence, was carried out on an old basis.

It turns the head and moves the left arm, the hand holding a rod.

When the rod arrives at the height of the "magic ball", that last lights one moment.

An old headstock was used to carry out this player of barrel organ wired for sound.

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It is always interesting and amusing to treat an automat with the second degree.

Is it possible to forget that this handling character of the puppets is an automat? Certainly not and it is not the finality.

But why not let itself take with the play one moment?

One finds in this character distributor of leaflet an automat with advertising vocation.

It takes a document in the basket placed in front of him then raises it so that somebody seizes and thus reproduces his gesture of it.

The principle is adaptable to all kinds of sizes and aspects.

It is possible to at will supplement its advertising vocation by equipping it with a modifiable sound message according to the promotion which one wishes to develop.

This option is adaptable to all the automats.

A schoolgirl wisely installed in front of her work table (antic).

From time to time, it leans the head and writes one moment then raises the head.

The monkey, probably one of the animals most used out of automat during previous centuries.

Here, it is satisfied to turn the head and to applaud...

It can, as all the other automats, being equipped with a detector of presence for a specific startup automatic.

Finally a smoker who will not fall very seriously sick and who will not harm his entourage!
Often, an accessory of quality can be at the origin of an inspiration.

It is the case for this young girl being balanced on her horse.

Another "traditional" intended to draw the attention and to make dream : the blower of bubbles.

Often represented in the form of Teddy bear, one can take pleasure to see him adopting another aspect.

Here still the principle is adaptable to all kinds of characters of very diverse aspects and sizes.

Height: 90 cm

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Cuts human character
Cuts human character

Cuts human character

Cuts human character
Cuts human character

Cuts human character

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A large Nativity


The imps... that they work for the Santa Claus or another glorious cause, who imports after all as long as they make dream children and adults...


Christmas without Santa Claus would not be really serious here... thus here on his sledge drawn by a reindeer and accompanied by one by his imps.


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